Mission statement:

Our association is dedicated to the enhancement of safety in use in Ireland of all domestic and commercial lifts, escalators, travelators and chair lifts through design, installation and maintenance best practice. Our aim is achieve this advancement in full co-operation with our customers and with the Irish and European standards and regulatory bodies.

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Members Area

Operation of Essential Services
during the current Covid-19 restrictions

We confirm that our members will provide all the necessary essential and emergency services to all our customers and in particular within the Health, Nursing Homes, Pharma, Retail, Educational,  Residential, & Commercial, to ensure safe and reliable vertical transportation within each area of operation.

We confirm that all our members employees have all completed the necessary Covid training in conjunction with all of their internal  health and safety training.   

Each employee has been provided with the necessary masks, gloves and hand sanitiser in addition to their personal protective equipment.

For and on Behalf Ilea